Students of BIT Won First Place, 2019 Informs Service Science Conference Best Paper Award

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  Held from June 27th to June 29th, 2019, Grade 2016 PhD Jiao Zihao from Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) reached the best paper finals and won the first place of Informs Service Science Conference, 2019 (ICSS 2019).

  The thesis submitted by Dr.Jiao and his collaborators is “Two-Level Trip Selection and Price Incentive Scheduling in Electric Vehicle Sharing System”. Taking new energy vehicle time-sharing rental service system as the research object, they propose a “double-deck and multi-net” vehicle scheduling strategy, use data-driven optimization methods such as “Distributionally Robust Optimization” along with external estimation algorithms to solve relevant nonlinear optimization problems. Therefore the analytical solution of the optimal demand-vehicle dispatch quantity response is obtained. Based on the actual operational data of the time-based rental company CAR2GO in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, they perform the case study and the effectiveness of the scheduling strategy is verified.

  The paper has received key support projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Big Data Driven Management and Decision Research), the National Scholarship Council of China, the National High-Level University Public Project of China, the Beijing Natural Science Foundation Project, Graduate Science and Technology Innovation Support Projects of BIT and so on.

  The conference accepted papers from scholars around the world, and eventually five papers entered the best paper finals. The Best Student Paper Awards Jury consists of internationally renowned academics in the field of service science, including Robin Qiu (Pennsylvania State University, Founder of INFORMS Service Science Section, Chief editor of INFORMS's subordinate journal Service Science), Paul Messinger (University of Alberta, Chairman of INFORMS Service Science Section ), Fiona Jamison (CEO of Spring International), Michael Pinedo (New York University, Chief editor of Journal of Scheduling), Weiwei Chen (Rutgers university, Associate editor of Journal of Simulation), Hui Yang (Pennsylvania State University, Associate Editor of IISE Transactions).

365bet月回馈28元  INFORMS is recognized worldwide as the most influential professional society in the field of operations research, management science and business analysis. It is committed to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of system operations and making better management decisions to promote operations research and management. So far many scientific academic exchanges, discipline development, and personnel training have been made outstanding contributions. ICSS 2019 is a global annual event organized by INFORMS Service Science Section, aiming to promote research exchange and cooperation in theory and practical applications in the field of service science.ICSS2019 covers topics such as service strategy design and modeling, service operations research and management, information systems, marketing science and analysis, management science, e-commerce, industrial engineering, social and cognitive science.