BIT won the 10th championship trophy in CUFA

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    Translator:? News Agency of BIT,? Wu Yushan

    Editor:? News Agency of BIT

  At 6 pm on June 12, the second round of the 2018-2019 Adidas CUFA College Men's High Level Group Super League Final was held at the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) football stadium. After the fierce competition, BIT? defeated Central South University(CSU) by 2-0, won the Super League title in this season, and won the 10th Champion of CUFA in the history of the League.?

365bet月回馈28元  Wang Dengfeng is the director of the Department of Sports Health and Art Education of the Ministry of Education and one member of the National Youth Campus Football Leading Group Office. Xue Yanqing is the secretary general of the Joint Secretariat of the Student Sports Association of the Ministry of Education and the vice chairman of the China University Sports Association. Shen Zhen is the deputy secretary general of the Joint Secretariat of the Student Sports Association of the Ministry of Education and the vice chairman of China University Sports Association. Zhang Lei is the vice chairman of China University Sports Association. Zhao Junjie is the director of Campus Football Department of China University Sports Association. Du Songpeng is the chairman of Beijing University Sports Association. Wang Ruoha is the vice president of Adidas Government Relations. Yu Xingyu is the COO of Ali Sports. Wei Quanmin is the vice president of Ali Sports. Dong Xiaohua is the deputy general manager of Kang Xiaosi (Beijing) Sports Management Co.Ltd. Zhao Changlu is the chairman of the University Council of BIT. Li Hezhang is the vice president of BIT. Bao Liying is the vice chairman of the University Council. Wang Bencong is the assistant of the president. Yang Bin is the former executive vice president. Jin Zhiyang is a professor in BIT and a famous football coach. They all watched the competition and attended the award ceremony.

  The awarding guests presented awards to the best referees, best goalkeepers, top scorers, best players and best coaches, and awarded the Sportsmanship Award. In addition, at the award ceremony, a retirement ceremony was held for the CUFA players who were about to retire, and 18 retired athlete representatives received retired souvenirs from their coaches respectively. At the ceremony, BIT coach Yu Fei and one retired player Chen Zixuan spoke as representatives respectively. In his speech, Wang Dengfeng congratulated the success of the CUFA League and the team which won the championship and runner-up. He highly praised the organization of the competition and wished the CUFA League to become better and better. Subsequently, Wang Dengfeng, Xue Yanqing and Zhao Changlu awarded champion trophies and medals to the champion team BIT football team. Shen Zhen, Wang Ruohai and Yu Xingyu awarded runner-up trophies and medals to the CUS team.

  CUFA is the National Youth School Football League (University Group). It is jointly established by the Federation of University Sports of China and?
Chinese Football Association. It is also the highest level football event for Chinese football on campus, which is the only officially certified 11-a-side national football league by the Ministry of Education. Nearly 3,000 teams participated in the competition, covering nearly 2,000 colleges and universities nationwide. The competition is divided into high-level group, campus group, and higher vocational college. The high-level group is also divided into two levels: the Super Champions League and the Champions League. The Super Champions League is in the first level and the Champions League is in the second level.

  Looking back on this journey of winning this championship,BIT Football Team can be the best. On April 10th, our school won the initiative of the top eight in the 1-0 victory over Taiyuan University of Technology(TUT)'s team on the road. On April 17th, we finally won the top eight with a total score of 4:0 against TUT in two rounds at home. On May 7th, our school beat the Renmin University of China(RUC) on the road after a difficult penalty shootout obtaining the promotion initiative. On May 9th, we returned to the home court winning the access of top 4 by 4:0 against RUC and successfully advanced to the semi-finals. On May 23rd, our school went to the away game against Hohai University(HHU), but lost by 4:5 in the penalty match. On May 30th, our school started a counterattack battle at home, and beat HHU by 1:0 to advance to the final. On June 6, in the first round of the final, we went to the away game against CSU drawing in regular time by 1:1. But finally in the penalty shootout, our school took advantage of the superior ability of the goalkeeper, continuously saved two penalty kicks from CSU, and finally defeated CUS by 6:4.

  As a traditional school specialized in football, BIT football team is the first team in the country to participate in professional competitions with the students in the class. In 2006, in the first time to participate in the China B League, we won the championship and promoted to the Chinese League. Then BIT had won ten national football league (super group) champions, five times representing China to participate in the World University Games. Campus football in BIT has a wide-ranging influence in society.

  With the gaining of the championship trophy, the 2019 CUFA Super League has come to an end. All the way along, the friendships of the accompanying fans will always be the inexhaustible driving force for the development of BIT football culture. Obtaining the championship is not the end, but the first step in the journey of the new era. In the future, BIT Football Team will never stop, chasing dreams and always on the road.

Attached to the list of winners:

? ? Best Referee: Liu Baiqing
? ? Best goalkeeper: Wang Wei (BIT)
? ? Best Shooter: Tao Xinyu
? ? Best Player: Jin Di Kawasaki (BIT)
? ? Best Coach: Yu Fei (BIT)
? ? Sports Morality Award: RUC, HHU and CSU
? ? Runner-up: CSU
? ? Champion: BIT