University of Montreal Delegation visited BIT

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  On the afternoon of June 13th, 2019, Guy Lefebvre, vice-president of International Affairs, University of Montreal, visited BIT and BIT deputy vice-chancellor Meihong, met with the guest.

  Mei Hong warmly welcomed Vice President Lefebvre and introduced him the basic situation of the school's historical development, school-running philosophy, dominant disciplines and international construction. He said that the University of Montreal is a well-known Canadian university and the two universities have conducted academic exchanges in the fields of computer science, materials science, informatics and so on, therefore, university-level cooperation and substantive cooperation projects should be developed on this basis.

  Lefebvre thanked BIT for its warm reception and introduced the basic situation of the University of Montreal in personnel training, scientific research and discipline construction. He said that the University of Montreal attaches great importance to the cooperation with BIT and hopes that in the future, the two universities will carry out cooperation programs on student exchanges and teachers'joint scientific research.

  Visitors also included Jiaojie, the director of China program at the University of Montreal. Relevant personnel from the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Graduate School, Ministry of Education, Computer School and Law School of BIT participated in the meeting.


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