BIT won the 23rd International Passive House Conference mascot Best Design Award

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    Translator:? Zhao Shengtao, News Agency of BIT

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? ? ? ? On May 18, in the 23rd International Passive House Conference mascot contest, Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) School of Design and Art team created "Nuannuan + Yangyang" from many designs around the world won the best design award and won the bid. Team members include Sun Bowen, Zhang Yi, Zhao Fan, Wu Yujia, Xu Chuxuan, Wang Bohuan, Li Saisai, Ma Yulin.

? ? ? ?Since its inception in 1996, the International Passive House Conference has successfully held 22 sessions, and has become the most credible and influential international conference on green building development in the world. It is known as the Olympics and the UN General Assembly in the field of energy-saving buildings in the world. At present, 69 countries have participated in, such as Germany, Britain, France, Austria, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, India, Brazil, Russia and so on. The 23rd International passive Housing Conference will be held in China from September 21 to 23, 2019. the theme of the Congress will be passive rooms-healthy and comfortable global energy saving. Architecture. It is also the first time since the event was held that it has entered Asia and landed in China.


? ? ? ?Since the entry was launched on September 20 last year, team members have completed a series of work in two months, such as creative discussion, scheme screening, image optimization, industrial design expansion, gift packaging design, and so on. Finally confirmed this entry-"Nuannuan + Yangyang". The plan was highly recognized by the Organizing Committee of the Congress and Professor Wolfgang Fester, the father of the World passive House.

365bet月回馈28元 ? ? ? ?The creative inspiration of the work comes from the warm penguins in Antarctica and the combination of Arctic bears and oceans, implying that at a time when the global climate is becoming increasingly severe, typical representative creatures from both levels of the earth join hands. The event of the passive housing conference called on people all over the world to establish and promote ultra-low energy consumption buildings and create a healthy, pleasant and comfortable human living environment on a global scale. The image creation embodies the international vision. Penguin and polar bear, as very internationally knowledgeable creatures, are deeply loved by people all over the world, and also well coincide with the theme of the conference-the concept that spread all over the world, implying the hope of the passive housing conference. The technology of the passive house can be popularized in the world, and the technology of the passive room can be popularized in the world, and the passive house building can be widely accepted and reach the global, so that the earth environment can be effectively protected, and the sustainable development can be realized. In the process of creation, the team not only created warm and warm expressions, posture and interaction, but also combined the auspicious elements of Chinese elements in the image characteristics of the mascots, echoing its regional characteristics in China, making it more active. The engineering design team will continue to create a series of visual image development and industrial design applications in the follow-up tasks, and to organize the success of the General Assembly For design force support. As the event of the passive house is close, we will be able to see these images in public places such as the airport, the subway and so on.