Delegation from the University of Auckland Visited BIT

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    Translator:? News Agency of BIT, Miao Yufei

    Editor:? News Agency of BIT

  On the morning of May 22nd, Jenny Dixon, vice president of The University of Auckland (UOA), New Zealand, and her delegation visited Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). Vice President Wang Xiaofeng met with the delegation at the Zhongguancun campus.

365bet月回馈28元  Wang Xiaofeng welcomed the delegation led by Dixon to visit BIT. He introduced the school sentiment and internationalization of BIT, reviewing the teaching and scientific corporation between BIT and UOA in the field of big data. Besides, he also expressed the hope that BIT and UOA could extend collaboration in more subject fields and bidirectionally enhance student communications into multiple levels.

  Dixon thanked BIT for the warm reception and introduced the history and projects of cooperation between UOA and Chinese universities. She said UOA attaches great importance to the cooperation with BIT and other Chinese universities. In the future, more teaching and research projects concerning more disciplines between two schools can be expected in the future.

  Wang Xiaofeng and Dixon renewed the inter-university cooperation agreement on behalf of BIT and UOA respectively.

  Huang Heyan, dean of school of computer science and technology at BIT, and John Hosking, dean of the department of science at UOA, representing the two colleges, signed a dual-degree program agreement in both bachelor's and master's degree in big data.

  Later, both sides conducted in-depth discussions about the details of cooperation and reached consensus on the work plan for the next step.

  The delegation members of UOA include Sebastian Link, international vice-dean of department of science, Amy Malcolm, strategic partner manager, and Lee Hsieh, international director of the department of science. Relevant personnel from international office, office of undergraduate academic affairs, graduate school and school of computer science and technology of BIT also attended the meeting.